Thursday, 15 December 2011

ELF Nail Polish Review! ♥♥

Hello ladies and gent(s)! I recently made an order from ELF and I've super been loving everything I've got, including these five nail polishes I got. I thought I'd show you guys the colours I got and how they apply! Here are the swatches...

The colours are, from pinky to thumb:

-Light Pink
-Purple Dream
-Fire Coral
-Dark Navy

This shot is one coat of each colour...

And this is with two coats!

All of these polishes applied beautifully, with minimal streaking and a surprisingly fast drying time.

Light Pink 
As you can probably tell, the light pink on my pinky finger is REALLY sheer, but it`s a nice colour if you`re just looking for something to clean up the look of the nail without looking like too much at all. It has a really subtle sparkle to it as well.

I`m always curious to try out nude polishes, even though I always end up not using them too often... this one is one of the nicer ones I own though. It`s a good mid tone nude that goes on really opaque with two coats and has a matte finish.

Purple Dream
SO. PRETTY. This is the one polish I bought that two coats really makes a difference in the colour intensity. The colour is so unique, I just love it.

Fire Coral
Wow, this polish has attitude! I love the punchy colour, it applies so smoothly and really opaque with even just one coat.

Dark Navy
So much love for this polish. Dark navy, as the name suggests, with a beautiful sparkly finish and a strong opacity. My personal favourite of this bunch. I've got it on as we speak! But that's another post. (:

So overall, I'm really pleased with my purchases! The light pink wasn't as I would have hoped, but it does have its place in my collection.  I hope this helps you guys out! If you are thinking of buying any of these, I would cast my vote for fire coral and dark navy... but they are only two dollars, so heck, BUY EM ALL! :D

Much love,
Dylan ♥♥