Sunday, 4 December 2011

Spread the Love Sundays! Blog of the Week;; Gorgeous-Glamour! ♥♥

It's Sunday once again, folks! yes, I did miss last week, but hey, life gets the best of us all (:

This week, I'll be featuring...

Kerrie from Gorgeous-Glamour!

I'm featuring Kerrie this week because she is such a sweet, friendly person, and she really is doing it for the love, which I love to see. Plus, her hair is long, flowing and gorgeous. I remember the first time I came across Kerrie's path on, and she was worried that her age might affect her success in the makeup industry, as well as the blogging/vlogging world. I am of the belief that age has no bearing on a person's success, only the drive within that person. That she continues to pursue a career in makeup artistry is attribute to her love and passion, and I find that very inspiring (:

High five girlfriend, you rock!

Be sure to check out Kerrie' blog  by clicking right here! and spread the love yourself (: 

Thanks so much for reading, hope that your week was amazing and that your next week will be filled with wonderful things!

Much love,
Dylan ♥♥