Friday, 23 December 2011

NOTD;; Ugly Christmas Sweater Nails! ♥♥

Hey all! I'm so excited about this NOTD. For a few days I couldn't think of what to do on my nails! I was devoid of christmas inspiration. I was just about to go for a sub par idea that would have been cute (but not as cute as this!), but then I caught a picture of an ugly christmas sweater online, and I thought, "Hey! I can do that on my nails!"

So I did! :D Take a peek...

Super fun and festive, and it only took two nail polishes and a nifty trick with some straight pins!

Here's the breakdown:

-OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
-2 coats OPI Colour So Hot it Berns
-Orly Instant Artist polish in Crisp White
-2 coats Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat

I just love this, it's so festive and fun! And I picked up a handy trick from Kelly at BeautyObsessed (who will be hosting a guest blog on here very soon! ♥). If you don't have a real dotting tool, you can simply take a straight pin (like you would use for sewing) and stick it into the eraser of a pencil. You can push it practically all the way in if you're careful, and it really does provide a great alternative to a dotting tool. You can experiment with different size pins, as well. I tried with a flat head pin and a ball head pin, and they both worked exceedingly well. I used the flat head pin because it was a little smaller and easier to control.

I hope you guys are all set for your Christmas weekend,  I've gotta go get wrapping! I have to go and buy one more present, then I'm totally done! Two days before Christmas... Well, better than last year!

Thanks for reading, you're a doll!
Much love,
Dylan ♥♥