Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Wedding NOTD;; Featherweight ♥♥

Hey guys!

So this weekend I was so fortunate to attend the wedding of a dear friend I've known since basically my first day of high school. The ceremony was beautiful, right down to the bubbles as they were leaving the altar (:

The theme colours for this wedding were orange and purple, and the overall theme was feathers. As you may be able to tell, it was not the most conventional wedding. This is how I interpreted the theme...

Excuse the slight wear and tear, picture was taken after the wedding (: These things stood up to some major dance partying!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Dylan's Song of the Week: MORE Gossip! ♥♥

Hey guys!

So this week I found out that the album for which Gossip's Perfect World was the first single (you can check out my post on that single >>right here!<< ) has officially been released! They marked the date of release by coming out with the video for their second single, Move in the Right Direction. I must say, I love this song even more than the first one, and the video is so fun! Check it out!

Beth Ditto (lead singer) always has the most interesting makeup looks and style choices, I love seeing what she's rocking at any given moment. Just looks at those blinged out brows!

The album is called A Joyful Noise. The rest of the album is really good too, especially Involved, and their slow song Casualties of War has such a somber aesthetic that I really love. If you like these two songs, you'll love the rest too!

Thanks for tuning in, and until next time, stay polished!

Much love,
Dylan ♥♥

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What Art is to Me ♥♥

So, I have this shirt, it's one of my favourites..


Whenever I wear this shirt to work or out in public, I always get compliments, as well as people really looking at and considering the image on this shirt. Furthermore, whenever I wear this shirt, I find myself looking at it in a passing mirror or a reflection in a window, pondering the deeper meaning in this print.

The conclusion I have come to is this: 
Art requires preservation.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

NOTD;; Mechanisms! ♥♥

Hey  everyone!

So today I was again searching for inspiration as to what to do on my nails. I had been feeling the darker colours all spring this year, and this time around I was far more inspired by my silvers and greys than any colour in my collection. It happens! Check out what I came up with:

I got inspired by metals and machines, how they form patterns within their inner workings that move together to create energy that powers our day to day lives. I referenced things like pistons, gears, and textured sheet metal to achieve this look.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Dylan's Song of the Week - Now, Now! ♥♥

Hey guys!

So I was going to do this post on an older techno song I know that I've been loving lately (Put your hands up for detroit!), but I literally just came across this song and I'M POSTING THIS ONE INSTEAD.

Now, Now is a three piece band that really reminds me of Tegan and Sara's styling, kind of merged with Metric's sound. I just... love it. So much.


 Hope you love this as much as I do! I'm gonna go listen to this another five thousand times.

Until next time, stay polished!
Much love,
Dylan ♥♥

NOTD;; Scaled Down! ♥♥

Hey everyone!

So yesterday I had the day off, and I thought, "I haven't really done anything super awesome on my nails in a while. I want something good." So I did my research...

 and I found it.

(picture taken under natural lighting)

Believe me, it's pretty, but let me tell you, this piece took patience and a calm hand. If you're into it, however, the outcome is definitely striking.

I managed to film a tutorial on this look, if you'd like you can view that >>right here<<