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Damaged Hair? No Problem! Guest Post from Kerrie @ Gorgeous-Glamour

Hello! I am so excited to be doing a guest blog for Dylan! He is such a sweet guy and has always been a great encourager to me!

Several years back when my hair was dry, course just blah..I googled what I believed to be my hair type "dry,course frizzy hair". I read a few pages and I have no idea the site but after reading several things learned that I needed a product called humectant to help. This, along with not using shampoo anymore changed the life of my hair. Yes you heard me, no shampoo..unless my hair is very, very dirty. Aveda suggested this and it was one of the things that turned my hair around, my hair gets cleaned enough without it. Lucky me, Suave makes a conditioner with humectant and it's one of the cheapest you can buy. The expensive ones don't work any better..I really take the time to message my conditioner in and that helps a lot. Now deep conditioners, I do at times use some expensive ones.

1) BEWARE of bleach! It is so drying and makes your hair brittle! I do highlight my hair with bleach but since I just do small highlights, it is ok. In case you didn't know, bleach has to grow does not fade out. Back in the day when I wasn't aware of this, someone bleach the whole top of my head!!! They were trying to blend in overgrown highlights. BIG MISTAKE. It has been years and I have been coloring, then highlighting. Thank goodness it is grown out and I just highlight. So beware! I guess it's common sense, but back then- I just didn't know any better!
2) Use a comb, not a brush, on wet hair. Pulling and tugging, especially on wet hair, can cause major breakage. I use Suave detangler (at the dollar store!) to help the comb slide through the hair. Leave-in conditioner also helps, I like Garnier!

3) Regular trims will keep your hair looking nice, otherwise you will have to cut a big chunk off at one time when they get un ruly. I trim mine myself, but sometimes it is hard to get straight. When my hair is wet, I comb straight, then just take the ends and snip a little..bring the back to the front and get it as straight as you can. Once you practice, you will get the hang of it and save yourself some money going to the salon for just a trim! Always start with just a little, you can cut more but you can't un-cut!

4) Regular deep conditioners. A tip I learned years ago that seems to be the truth because it works for your getting your hair wet for the deep conditioner, use as hot as water as you can to open your hair folical then once you are rinsing the product out, use as cold as you can to close them up. This tip really helps my deep conditioner soak in instead of just sitting on the hair. Make sure you message the conditioner in well too, especially those ends!

Here are some hair products that I love and work great for me!
Suave detangler - @ The dollar store
Proclaim Glossing polish @ Sally's around 3 dollars for the small bottle (The spray works well too!)
Garnier Fructis leave in conditioner @ Target 2.99
Suave conditioner with humectant @ Target under 3 dollars.
* Ion Color Sealer. Even though I don't use color anymore, just bleach..I use this! It makes your hair feel so good!! They usually have a 1 or 2 time use packet on the front counter, so you can try before you buy the bottle!

Extra tips for healthy hair:
 * Add a little olive oil to your conditioner, not much! You will notice your hair extra soft and shiny!
* How about a mayo mask?! YUP! It makes your hair feel great, now I do use shampoo to get the smell out! Cover with a cap and leave in about 10 minutes or so!
* Why not take a break from all the styling and put your hair in a cute ponytail or up-do. Have you been on pinterest lately, theirs a million how-to's! A polished ponytail always looks good- Add a little hairspray or gel around your hairline, then brush back and into a pony, keep those fly aways back and your hair will look more sophisticated!
* I have been using Marc Anthony's beach wave spray. My hair is curly and has a tenancy to grow like a chia pet during the day, using this along with hair serum and a little hairspray, keeps it from growing! You can make it yourself, just google HOW TO MAKE BEACH WAVE SPRAY the ingredients in the spray I bought and the do it yourself are the same, and so much cheaper!
* Do not forget a hair protectant. Any cheap one will do, or hair serum on your hair will help protect too..anything you put on before all that heat, so it burns the product-not your hair!
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Well, I hope this helps you! THANK YOU DYLAN for posting this for me!
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