Saturday, 2 June 2012

Nail Polish Haul Time! Zoya, OPI ♥♥

Hey guys!

So yesterday my roomie and I went for a bit of a shopping spree. I did my best to restrain myself, but

So I picked up a few treasures. Here they are...

Such crazy deals!! I got each OPI colour for $6.95, and the Zoya polishes were BOGO 50% off! Big score!

They are, from left to right:

 -OPI- Metallic 4 Life
(from the Nicki Minaj collection!)
-OPI- Just Spotted the Lizard
(from the Spiderman collection!)
-Zoya- Arizona
-Zoya- Richelle
-OPI- Royal Rajah Ruby

These colours are phenomenal, especially Just Spotted the Lizard, which has an awesome blue duo-chrome to it, and the deep Rajah Ruby colour is just to die for. I love my dark polishes (:

For those of you who are wondering, Metallic 4 Life is a black gel base with multi-sized silver glitters. I used 2 coats and achieved a very pigmented finish, which surprised me due to the gel base, but I was very pleased to see that the black wasn't streaky or see-through (:

I also picked up a couple accessories, which I'll be featuring among these nail polishes in a haul video on my youtube channel. Be sure to subscribe to me there so you can see it! 

Thanks so much for tuning in, and until next time, stay polished! 

Much love,
Dylan ♥♥