Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Review: Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic Palette

For any of you that have tried any of Benefit's concealing products and loved them as much as I did, you will love this palette and how much money it will save you.

A- "That Gal" Brightening Face Primer- 75mL
B- "Boi-ing" Concealer in 01- 13g
C- "Boi-ing`Concealer in 02- 13g
D- Erase Paste in no.2 Medium- 32g
E- Eye Bright- 0.9g
F- Lemon Aid- 0.9g

Any one of these products is something that I have bought for myself in the past. The fact that they`ve been combined into a convenient palette- with a mirror no less!-  is just too fabulous. It`s even got labelled brushes for each of the products. This is something I use practically every day, and can take with me if I`m staying the night anywhere. This palette retails for $36.00.

A- "That Gal" Face Primer
This is one of my favourite primers. It's so light and almost has a whipped texture that smooths onto the face and provides a beautiful base for concealers. Plus, it also smells like rockets! You can't lose!

B&C- "Boi-ing" Concealer in 01 and 02
This heavy duty concealer was one of the first things I bought from Benefit. The regular sized product alone sells for $18.00. Get two of these and you've got the price of the palette! This buy is definitely more bang for your buck.
As for the product, it boasts being an industrial strength concealer, and it's not lying. Not  to mention that it doesn't feel heavy or caked on on your skin. With a bit of setting power, this product will last you a good 6 hours, without touch up, in my experience.

D- Erase Paste
This concealer is advertised as good for underneath the eyes, but I personally prefer the boi-ing concealer for that and this for problem spots on the face. It's very creamy and blends out very nicely, and a little bit goes a long way. I like this little jar it comes in too, it's great for throwing in your makeup bag for touch ups without taking up too much space.

E- Eye Bright
This bright purple may be daunting at first, but it's a wonderful highlighting product for your brow bone, tear duct and cheekbones. This bright colour blends in with your skin tone and adds brightness with little to no effort.

F- Lemon Aid
I LOVE this product for undereye darkness. My undereye circles are less than preferable, and this product combined with the Boi-ing concealer provides amazing coverage and lasting power for me. Yellow, as colour theory tells us, counteracts purple, which is great for the eye area due to thinner skin, as well as around the nose and over any broken capillaries.

And the brushes?
They're alright for on the go. I personally prefer a slightly bigger brush or just my fingers.

So overall I give this palette a 5 out of 5! There's nothing about it I don't like about this product. If you are a concealaholic like myself and are looking for everything you need perfect skin wrapped up in adorable packaging, this palette is for you!

Thanks for reading, love and rockets for all!
Dylan ♥♥


  1. I cant use Boi-ing it breaks me out i heard it was really good so i bought it for my kit to use on others but i cant use it on myself
    but the rest of the stuff is amazing im in love with Erase paste!

    i wanted to try lemon aid but didn't know what it was like


  2. I actually find it pretty thick, it almost feels like a gel liner that's drying up, if that makes any sense. Once you warm up the product though it's a wonder underneath concealer for my under eyes.