Wednesday, 29 June 2011

An Experiment in Colour: Hot Flash Nails of the Week!

I really wanted to play with my yellow silk line polish with the script brush, and I took a chance and decided to go with red and a touch of orange!

Base Coat: OPI Colour So Hot it Berns
Half nail: Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear polish in Crushed (In hindsight, I would have done two coats of this half nail for intensity)
Yellow: Silk Line nail polish in Yellow
Top Coat: Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top Coat (Favourite by far!!)

I'd never tried this combination of colours before, and I'm pleased with the finished product. It's not something I'll be keeping on because I'll be changing them for Pride for SURE. The yellow pop is pretty fun though, I think I'll try it with a dark blue next time.

Stay tuned for what I'm going to do for my nails for Pride, and a tutorial on choosing your perfect lip colour!

Dylan ♥♥


  1. hun if you ever want to work for a nail store i have oodles of family members who'd be up to it haha

  2. Ohh man that would be crazy lol!