Monday, 4 July 2011

Nails of the Weekend! Pride 2011 ♥♥

Pride this weekend was absolutely fabulous! It was my first one (I know, I'm a terrible gay!) and I must say I was not disappointed. Apart from the small amount of drama, but life is never without its dark side, right? You can't let it get to you! There were so many happy, celebrating people, the vibe of the entire thing was so light and positive! I danced the weekend away!

Anyways, back to my nails! Here's the breakdown:
-OPI natural nail base coat
-Rimmel 60 Seconds Polish in Silver Bullet (to fill in the spots where the glitter does not)

Then I did the colour on each nail, which are as follows, from thumb to pinky:
-OPI Colour So Hot it Berns
-Orly Nail Lacquer in Orange (The only one I had to do two coats of)
-Silkline Polish in Yellow
-Sally Hansen's Xtreme Colour Polish in Blue Me Away
-OPI Pamplona Purple

-3 coats of Sally Hansen's Disco Ball sparkle polish on each half nail. It sounds like a lot, but this polish dries fast, and I wanted SUPER GLITTERY NAILS!
-Black lines done with Orly Instant Artist Polish in Jet Black
-Two coats of Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top Coat
-OPI Drip Dry

And there you have it! Fabulous, colourful, super sparkly nails for Pride! If your city hasn't had their Pride yet, this would be fabulous to wear, or even if you're just really into nail art like me!

Have a fabulous week, stay proud!
Dylan ♥♥

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