Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Back to Basics! Colour Theory: What Compliments You? ♥♥

Looking for the perfect shade that's going to set off those eyes of yours? Have a blemish that you just can't conceal, no matter how you pile on the products? Have I got the blog post for you!

Today I'm going to be talking about colour theory. I'm sure you've all seen a colour wheel before:

This little baby is useful for so many things. A colour wheel is something every artist of any medium will have engraved into the back of their mind.

The first thing a colour wheel is useful for in the cosmetics industry is selecting eye shadow colours to suit a client. For example, if you look at where blue is on the colour wheel and look at what is directly opposite, you'll see orange. Orange is blue's cross-complimentary friend. If you mix these two colours together (or any cross complimentary colours) you will make grey. However, if you place orange or an orange toned eye shadow on blue eyes, it will make them stand out and brighten like crazy.
Likewise, for green eyes, you'll see the complimentary colour is red. Now obviously most people won't use red eyeshadow, but anything with a red or warm tone to it will look gorgeous.

Of course, saying that doesn't mean everything that isn't orange toned looks bad with blue eyes. That is simply the colour that will make them stand out the most.

Another thing that colour theory is useful for is concealing. Many of you may have seen sets of colour correctors in the store, kind of like this:

I get questions about these all the time when I use them. Regarding the cross complimentary theory, the green covers blemishes and redness, the yellow counteracts purple in the skin (so under eyes and any darkness, sometimes around the nose), and the purple helps to highlight. Using these before you apply your foundation will balance out your skin tone and make your face look even more flawless.

These two examples are only the beginning of what a colour wheel can do for you. They can help you with your clothes, your hair, painting your house, buying furniture... there are no limits!

Thanks so much for reading my blog and following along with me. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments or on facebook! (:

Have a fabulous, colourful day!
Dylan ♥♥

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