Monday, 4 July 2011

Give 'Em Some Lip: How to Choose the Right Lip Colour for You! ♥♥

I got a request from a lovely friend of mine to help her figure out the best lip colour for her. This blog is going to be all about helping you figure out your undertones and how to use them effectively!

The first step to understanding what colours are right for you is figuring out your undertone. There are three options: warm, neutral, or cool. Figuring out which one you are has to do with hair colour, eye colour and skin tone.

Warm Tones
People with warm tones have skin that has a peach tone, like ivory, light tan and chocolate brown. These colours all have a predominantly yellow undertone.If you wanto to figure out your skin tone easily, just look at the veins in your wrist. If they have a more green or yellowy colour to them, you have warm toned skin. If you cannot decide easily, take a gold piece of fabric and lay it against your skin to see if any yellow tones will be reflected in the skin.

Your hair will  be more golden in colour, ex. golden blonde, coppers, chestnuts and creamy greys.

Warm toned people's eyes are generally brown or green, but blue-green and blue-grey are also considered in this section.

People with warm toned skin want to look for lipsticks with warmer tones. Reds with more orange tones will look more flattering, as well as more reddish pinks and plums.

(In case you were wondering, I have a warm tone)

Cool Tones
If you have more pink or blueish undertones in your skin, this means you are cool toned. Colours like alabaster, rosey pale and charcoal brown are all examples of cool tones. You can try the wrist technique to decide this as well, but try using a silver piece of fabric instead, and look for the blue-green tones.

If your hair is platinum blonde, more burgubdy red, black, brunette or silvery grey, then your hair is more cool toned.

People with cool tones will generally have eyes that are clear blue, blue/green, reddish brown or brown black.

If you have a cool tone, lip colours that suit you will generally have a more blue undertone, like berry colours, pinks or violets.

Neutral Tones
It is much more rare to find someone with a neutral skin tone rather than warm or cool, but if it's difficult to figure out if you are warm or cool, or you find you have a combination of both of the tones (eg. porcelain skin and chestnut hair), you may be neutral. You are lucky, because you can pull off just about anything! Make sure you test yourself well before going and buying out the MAC counter, okay? (:

I hope this post will prove useful to all of you, send me a comment telling me if it did and what your findings are!

Much love and best of luck!
Dylan ♥♥


  1. Cool. This is good to know. I always thought I was a cool tone, but it seems that I am warm...
    Also have you heard of E.L.F? If not, check it out. Amazing.

  2. Very nice, glad I could help!
    Lol, you've been talking to Jess, haven't you? Yes I've heard of ELF =P They're pretty awesome.

  3. This is pretty interesting =) I found that I have a warm toned skin but I don't have copper/golden hair =P I guess asian skin is a pretty specific niche. Hey do you have any tips for doing asian eye makeup?