Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sun Kissed Summers: A Bronzer Tutorial

During the summer a lot of people will tan to get a healthy glow to their skin, but a lot of us are firm believers that getting too much sun can be detrimental to your skin and health. Therefore, we like to fake it with bronzer!

The technique I'm going to show you today is very widely used and very simple to accomplish. Many people know it as the "E and 3" method.

All you need is your favourite bronzer and a medium sized fluffy brush. I'm using Rimmel's Sun Shimmer Maxi Bronzer in 003 Sun Queen with a Quo blush brush. This bronzer has a lot of shimmer primarily, but they're mostly on top, and once you sweep them away the bronzer is quite a bit more matte and very good for bronzing and contouring.

Basically what we'll be doing is sweeping the bronzer on the sides of the face in an E and 3 shape, to darken the outskirts of the face. This will create a natural bronze flush to the skin and create a slimming effect. So you start at the temple...

...And then you continue down to the cheekbone. If you have trouble finding your cheekbone, you can line up your brush from your mid ear down to your mouth, and that should give you a good line for your bronzer.

Don't put the bronzer all the way up to your mouth! This can really drag down the face.
Blend the bronzer onto the cheekbone, making sure to sweep in a C motion around the eye to connect the temple to the cheekbone.
From the cheekbones, sweep down in that C motion again to continue underneath the jaw line. Blending the bronzer down the neck is a good way to make the bronze tone look more natural and consistent. This completes the 3 (or E, depending on the side) on the face. Be sure to blend everything well! We don't want any harsh lines.
Add a touch of bronzer to the chin, forehead, and the sides of the nose- Anywhere your skin would get naturally sun kissed. These steps should be subtle, so you still have a darker effect on the outer parts of the face.
Switch to a smaller brush is you wish- I'm using a small angled blush brush for my nose. Blend blend blend!

And voila! You've accomplished the look of natural, sun kissed skin without burning yourself or streaky tanning lotions! Thanks so much for reading this tutorial, hope it helps you stay fresh and fabulous this summer! Be sure to follow my blog and comment if you have any requests!



  1. hahah this blog was just a reason for you to take pictures of yourself wasn't it? jokes. you look fab =) but might I suggest a camera remote so you don't get the myspace look?

  2. Haha thanks for the constructive criticism! I'm going to be getting a new camera at some point, mine's garbage and still runs on AA batteries.