Sunday, 15 January 2012

Quiz Time... ABCDylan! ♥♥

Hey ladies and gent(s)! My girl April Bee (You can check her at her blog, You the Beautiful ) just did this fun little quiz, and I thought it might be fun to do something like this so you guys can get to know the guy behind the nails! Here we go...

A: Age

B. Bed Size

C. Chore you hate 
 Cleaning my makeup brushes.... I'm so lazyyy

D. Day
 I like Saturdays, because I get off work at 6 at the latest and if I work the next day it's not til 11 (:

E. Essential start to your day
 Two cups of coffee, at least.

F. Favourite Colour

G: Gold or silver

H: Height
 5'...10? I haven't measured myself in ages.

I. Instruments
 When I was younger I played the tenor drum in scottish pipe and drum bands, but that's about it. 
If you don't know, >>THIS<< is tenor drumming.

J: Job title
 Sales associate at like, the best fabric distributor in Ontario.
K. Kids
 I'm allergic. =P

L. Live in
 Near Toronto, Ontario

M. Mom's name
 Rachel, but she's french, so you have to say it like "Rashel"

N: Nickname
 Duke is among my favourites (:
O. Overnight Hospital Stay
 When I was.... born?

P. Pet peeve
 When people feel entitled to continue shopping after a store is clearly closed. Gtfo.

Q. Quote from a Movie
  I'm not very good at movie quotes, so I'm just gonna do a music quote.
"You don't have to feel safe to feel unafraid." from Lions! by Lights.

R: Right or left handed
 Lefties do it right (:

S: Siblings
 One brother, Tom, 24.

T.Time you wake up
 2.5 hours before any shift, or if I'm not working, usually around 10:30.

U. Underwear
 I like BodyGlove, but Le Chateau do some nice undies too (:

V: Vegetables you dislike

W. What make you run late
 Doing my makeup! Also laziness.
X. X-ray you've had
 I think once because I had a bad cough or something.

Y. Yummy food you make
 I'm really good at steak sandwiches.

Z: Zoo

Thanks for tuning ladies and gents, I'll be filming today, so definitely stay tuned for more exciting adventures with me!

Much love!
Dylan ♥♥