Sunday, 19 February 2012

Share the Love Sunday;; What Kimmi Did Next!! ♥♥

Hey guys! Today I'm coming at you with a blogger that's newer to me, but right from the get go, I've liked her style a lot. Today I was trying to think of who to feature for SLS, and she posted a new OOTD (Which you can see right here)that blew my mind and made me decide to feature her!

What Kimmi Did Next is a style and beauty blog that showcases Kimmi and her two adorable puppies, Mojo and Maggie. Her unique taste and outfit combinations are edgy and different, and I love just about everything she puts up.

Meet Kimmi (and Mojo)!

You should definitely go look into her. She's got a great writing style and is very fun to read.

Her blog:

Her Twitter:

Her Facebook:

Until next time everyone, much love!
Dylan ♥♥