Monday, 6 February 2012

Valentine's NOTD;; We Found Love... & A VDay Collabo with April Bee! ♥♥

Hey everyone!

I've had these nails on for a few days now, and I LOVE THEM. I was dying to post this NOTD but I couldn't, because it's actually a Valentine's Day Collaboration with my girl April! I did a Share the Love Sunday on her, you can check that out right here! She's super cool and we get along swell. She did a gorgeous Valentine's Day inspired makeup mask tutorial that I will link here when it's posted.

But omg, LOOK at these nails!

his nail is inspired by Rihanna's song We Found Love she did with Calvin Harris. It's kind of a techno-alternative style for Valentine's Day, because I didn't feel like doing the lovey-dovey thing. You can check out the video tutorial >>>HERE<<< , or you can click on to read about how I did these nails!

Alright, so this week's line up features multiple brands!

From left to right...

-Rimmel 60 Seconds clear polish as base
 (after buffing up the nail a bit)
-Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polish in Black Out
-Covergirl Continuous Colour polish in Pink Sapphire
-Silk Line polish in yellow (no real name)
-Orly Instant Artist polish in Hot Green
-Orly Instant Artist polish in Hot Blue 
(Lots of hot colours in this post... naturally)
-Orly Instant Artist polish in Platinum
(It's the silver, but it must have been sick or something, it missed the photoshoot!)
-Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polish in Bubblegum Pink
-Sally Hansen Insta-Dri anti chip top coat

I used a dotting tool to achieve the hearts on the tip. Hearts are hard!! You'd think they'd be super easy, but getting them symmetrical, opaque and even is tricky. Got lots of practice now, though! I used a sponge to create a gradient effect with the pink sapphire in the background, which I think looks much better than if I had just left it black.

You guys should be sure to check out April's video that I'll also link here when it's up, and also her other various social media outposts!

Like, you know, her blog:

Her twitter,

And of course, her youtube!

And thanks so much for stopping by to say hi! Be sure to tell me something awesome in the comments, and have a fabulous week!

Much love!
Dylan ♥♥