Friday, 2 March 2012

HaulnSwatch: China Glaze's Electro-Pop Collection! ♥♥

Hey guys!

So recently I went into my local BSO to pick up some gifts for a friend, and when I saw the electropop collection, I knew that some of them were coming home with me. It's exciting, these are my first legit China Glaze polishes!

I ended up only taking two. ladies and Gentlemen, meet Sunshine Pop (yellow) and Kinetic Candy (blue)!

The colours from this collection were all vibrant neons and brights, but the two I came away with , in my opinion, define the collection very well. Swatches after the jump!

Here's my first swatch shot, with just one coat, no top or base. As you can see, Kinetic Candy is extremely pigmented with a creme finish, very high gloss. Sunshine Pop is a little bit sheer, but for a first coat, it's leaps and bounds ahead of any yellow I've owned before.

Here's the second shot, with two coats of each, still no base/top coat. The picture shows that the blue is super bright. When I bought it in the store and even looking at it now, I see a lot of green in this blue. The yellow brightens up considerably with two coats, and is pretty much opaque. I think the shimmer in the yellow helped it along a bit with the pigmentation.

Here I've shown Kinetic Candy up against OPI's What's With the Cattitude? for comparison. Putting the two together, at least to me, makes the green undertone in Kinetic Candy really come out to play.

So those are the two latest additions to my collection, I hope you guys enjoyed! If you picked up any of these colours or you plan on it, let me know in the comments! There's a really gorgeous pink that I almost grabbed too, it's dangerous!

Until next time, much love!!
Dylan ♥♥