Sunday, 28 August 2011

Beauty Trends for Fall: Makeup Edition! ♥♥

Okay, it's not THAT cold, but admit it,
 your sweaters are starting to look a lot more friendly!

Now, I'll start this blog off by saying that personally, I tend to not look to trends for how I style myself entirely.

So what IS trendy this fall? 

Give 'Em Some Lip

Warm colours are always a hit for this season. This year, however, crimsons and dark berry tones seem to be making a big impact on the scene. Dark, strong lips are the absolute must have. Think MAC's lipsticks in Kittenish, or Cyber (picture right).
Dark lips like this are being combined with minimalist face makeup and eyes, along with rosy cheeks for that wind-blown flush.

Alternatively, if you're not into giving that kind of lip, you can always give it a go with a darker version of your preferred bright lip. If you're into the pinks, try a darker fuchsia, and so on. Anything the creates a strong focus on the lips is big this season.

The Eyes Have It

If you're not a lip person, like myself, you can always tone it right down for the minimalist look and focus on the eyes. Grey tones are being seen a lot for the fall season as usual, being used in conjunction with pastel colours to make for a very toned down, wearable look. There should always be one point of focus on your face, so if you're doing a deep grey smokey eye, for example, be sure the lips are not going to overpower. MAC came out with a lovely grey toned shadow quad with their latest collection, "MAC Me Over", which is a dead ringer for this season's trendy shadows.

High Brow Style

Another thing I saw quite a bit in my researching was a nice, full brow. A thicker brow can communicate youthfulness and vivacity, whereas a thinner brow will make for a very mature visage. If you've got em, grow em! If you don't, you can always try thickening yours up with a shadow or pencil that matches your brow tone.

So that's my input for this year's fall season trends! Let us know in the comments what trends you might pick up on this year or if you've seen any ones that I've missed in this post! Stay tuned, I'm going to be doing a fall style trends blog, as well as hair and nails, in the near future. Thanks so much for reading, be sure to subscribe and check out my youtube channel!

Lots of love comin your way!

Dylan ♥♥