Monday, 15 August 2011

Rivu of the Day;; Bourjois Elastic Mascara! ♥♥

This mascara may be a bit of a stretch on the budget,
but did it meet my expectations?

I simply had to buy this mascara. Wouldn't you? I mean, look at it! The packaging is just too unique to resist. And 130% more length in my lashes? To me, this was worth the $20 I paid. Let's get to the pictures:

This is without any mascara, just curled lashes.

This is with one coat of Bourjois Elastic mascara.

And this is two coats.

This mascara claims that its elastic formula enchriched with hevea (latex derivative) stretches to form extensions beyond the lashes to provide 130% more visible length.

I do like this mascara, for what it is. I already have long lashes so I usually go for mascaras that promise volume and thickness, so this was a bit of a departure. It definitely lengthened my lashes, and it lasts all day easily. I think that because of its elastic formula it flexes better and stops the mascara from flaking.

Any cons?

Well, I found that the more I worked with this mascara, the more my lashes began to stick and clump up. Other than that, I'm very pleased with this product.

So overall, a good purchase! If you're looking for a lengthening mascara, this is definitely one to consider. Plus it looks pretty in your makeup drawer!

Lots of love in pretty packaging,

Dylan ♥♥


  1. On a random note: your eyebrows are beautiful. hahaha. < / weird comments>

  2. Lol thanks! I've gotten that a few times before, oddly enough.

  3. That looks awesome but i think imma stick with my Falsies!