Tuesday, 2 August 2011

What Does Your Face do for You? ♥♥

Makeup is such a personal thing. Everyone has different reasons for wearing theirs, the amount they wear, what they wear, how they wear it. Is it a form of self expression? Is it an insecurity? Is it a cry to break out from the norm and the abundant blatancy of everyday life? Who knows! Only you do. I'm going to share with you my reasons that I love my makeup.

I just love who I can make myself into with my cosmetics. It's almost like putting on a new personality at will. It's not that I feel that I need to hide behind it, it's that I can express myself through it. Yes, I do usually keep it pretty natural, but I have to keep it that way for work days. Usually when I finish work I'll come home, sit down at my vanity and play with colours for an hour or two (: It's the fun of the creative aspect that I adore. The amount of looks and effects you can achieve with makeup is endless, so why not explore the possibilities?

Don't get me wrong, I most certainly do feel that I need basic amounts of makeup for my every day. Coverage is a must for me, if nothing else for my eye area. I just feel like I'm not exuding my true self if I look tired and red, that's just not me. I like to describe myself as having a vivacious personality, and dark circles just don't communicate that!

So tell me, what does YOUR face do for YOU? Does that red lip make you feel like a rock star? Does that smokey eye turn you into a smoldering temptress? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading beautiful, sending you lots of love! Stay fabulous!

Dylan ♥♥


  1. I usually use makeup to give me a brighter, more coy I guess, kind of look =P I play up my eyes because I'm asian and they're puny... so I do kind of a cats eye with my liquid eyeliner and curl and mascara up my lashes. On the days where I get up early enough I indulge in my primer, foundation, and a bit of blush.

    I'm pretty minimal when it comes to make up but it makes me feel fancy and stuff =P

  2. I love having dramatic, lash-y eyes and dark lips. I love how my make-up can make me feel like the bombshell I feel I am - especially a bright red lip!