Monday, 23 April 2012

Dylan, Where HAVE You Been?! ♥♥

Hey strangers!

So I haven't posted in ages, and I miss you guys! I've been super busy, all my time has been taken up by a combination of working, painting my house and tending to birthdays and such all month.

What's more, since I've been painting, I haven't done anything overly extravagant on my nails for the past while, which is kinda lame, but I made up for it by using my favourite colours. I'll still show you guys though! (:
Here's the first nail I did:

This one got destroyed in a matter of days, thanks to my newly painted living room, but it was simple so no worries (: that was the plan! The colours I used are...
 -Rimmel 60 Seconds polish in Night Before (base colour)
 -Orly lacquer in Lunar Eclipse
 -Orly instant artist polish in Platinum

 And the second nail I did, which I'm still rocking...
Super bright and fun, I could stare at this polish colour for hours :D
 -Rimmel 60 Seconds Polish in Stop Traffic 
-Orly Instant Artist Polish in Hot Blue 

 And hey, since I'm showing you how I painted my nails, wanna see how I'm painting my house? Here's my new living room colour...

A beautiful Iced Slate, bright and calming :D

On the right is the colour that pretty much the whole house used to be... god it's horrible. Who in their right minds paints a house that colour? I don't even know what to call that colour... except for ugly. It's even worse in real life... but that space is all white now (:


A GORGEOUS mint green. It's the perfect shade, not too blue, not too yellow, right in the middle. 

That's as far as we've gotten, besides priming and a few small white walls. It's a work in progress!
I can't wait to get my bedroom done... here are my swatches!

One large accent wall in the green, and the rest in the ivory... it's going to be so happy in my bedroom! I'll be sure to do a post when everything gets done and all the rooms are put together. It's fun completely changing everything about a place, but damn it's a lot of work!

Well that's it for now. Until next time, stay polished!
Dylan ♥♥