Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I Couldn't NOT Buy It! Orly's Rococo A-Go-Go! ♥♥

Hey guys!

So yesterday after work I popped into my local Winners, just to check out the scene. They had just got a new shipment in that day, as I soon realized, so the cool new stuff was still there, and the older stuff was on sale!

I found a pair of teal jeans that I was hell bent on buying, but they didn't fit perfectly and as I was going through cash I realized that I had a lot of other things that needed buying, so I had to leave them in the store ):

NOTHING, however, was going to stop me from buying this polish. I always check out the health and beauty section, because they have amazing deals on nail polish and sometimes you find awesome brands among the junk. I'd been eyeing this colour up for a while, and when I saw it was on sale for $5 I practically tripped over myself! Ladies and gentlemen, meet Rococo A-Go-Go...
This picture was taken in natural light (crappy natural light, it's a gross day out...). This nail polish has a tendancy to change colour in every change of lighting, so this post is a bit picture heavy because I wanted to get as many of those shades as possible for this post!

(with flash)
This colour has a dark burgundy base, but with multi-faceted microglitters in gold, fuschia, and I think a bit of a dark purple in there somewhere. 

(natural lighting)
The collection that this polish comes from, the Orly Mineral FX collection, is intended to "Rock" your nails with high intensity pigments and duo-chrome shine.

(with flash)
One of my favourite Orly polishes is Lunar Eclipse, a blue-purple from their space collection that was out a long time ago. This polish has the same pigmentation and finish, which makes me ever so happy.

(unnatural lighting, see how it looks more burgundy?)
You do require two coats for a purely pigmented finish, one coat is nice but not quite enough. Application, however, is seamless and it's really easy to get a nice, even coat.
So all in all, getting this polish for $5 was a ridiculous steal! I love Winners for finding bargains like this. I may end up back in there, buying the rest of the colours, but I'm trying to practice restraint damnit!

Have you guys tried any of the MineralFX line? What did you think? Which is your fave? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks a million for tuning in, stay polished!

Much love,
Dylan ♥♥