Sunday, 23 October 2011

Birthday Blog! ♥♥

So my birthday is October 25th, but that's a Tuesday this year, and who in their right minds parties on a Tuesday? So we had a celebration yesterday, on Saturday the 22nd. I decided to throw a hat themed party! Deal was, you need to wear a hat, dress accordingly, and come and have a good time. I made my hat myelf, and I'm so proud! Check out my pride and joy!

(Note: All this glitter is held on with nail polish and hairspray! The power of beauty!!)


And here's my whole outfit. The only thing I had to buy for this costume was the top hat from the dollar store =P

We just had a little get together at my house and then a little stint for a drink downtown, but I had so much fun! I got an awesome coffee mug, OPI nail polish, a mixed CD and a $50 sephora gift card! And my friends made me the most AMAZING cake!
(Don't be fooled, I'm 21 years old, the candles were a joke =P my friends are silly!)

I hope everyone who reads this blog knows Planet Unicorn (: If not...

I had the most amazing night, and a fantastic 2pm breakfast with three very good friends. I'm so happy right now and I feel so much love for all my friends and family!

Wishing you all the rainbows, hats and unicorn hugs in the world,
Dylan! (