Sunday, 16 October 2011

I LOVE Sunglasses! ♥♥

((Disclaimer: I'm not trying to show off how many sunglasses I have or flaunt it at you guys or anything, I just really wanted to share my love of sunglasses!))

A lot of people regard sunglasses solely as a necessity, but I love that you can exude an entirely different demeanor solely based on your choice of sunglasses. I mean, if you think about it, every style of eye wear almost has its own personality, from the Paris Hilton bitch goggles, to the suave Audrey Hepburn cat eye lenses, the Kanye stunner shades, right down to the terminator glasses.

Iconic peeper protectors like these have inspired so much individuality in the eye wear department, how could you not have two million pairs by now? I've got a bit of a collection going... this is a bit of a sample =P

 Not to mention, bitch goggles are amazing for keeping the wind off of half my face on those long winter walks. I could probably go skiing in those babies. I think it's really fun to finish an outfit off, right down to the eyewear. I'm just really glad I don't need glasses so I can rock all these puppies.

So tell me, how do you switch it up? Or do you switch it up at all? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by, be sure to follow, check out my facebook and my youtube too, while you're at it! :D I have a new video up all about scarves for fall, you should check it out!

Much love comin your way!
Dylan ♥♥