Friday, 7 October 2011

Decrease Your Creasing;; How I Rock My Shadows All Day Long! ♥♥

If you haven't, check out my video I did on this subject:

Hi guys! Today I'm gonna go over how I stop my shadows from creasing on a day to day basis. I have pretty oily lids and I need good coverage, not an easy combination. This is how I achieve my fully covered, unfaltering eye look!

1;; Priming the Eye

Priming your lid (and under eye, if you're like me) provides a good base for applying eye shadows, which is monumental to keeping it from going all over the place. I use Urban Decay's Primer Potion in Eden daily, it's a nude matte based primer that provides me with a good base and a good amount of coverage to begin with. You only need a small amount of these products- if you use too much, it will only make your shadows crease faster.

2;; A Little More Base

This step helps to create a sticky base for the eye shadows to really grab onto. For this, you can use a small amount of concealer, foundation, or a cream shadow. Due to my oily lids, I stay away from concealers and cream shadows usually, unless I'm using a lot of powders over top to set it. I use foundation, since it's thinner it works with my eye shape a little better without creasing. In the video I used Annabelle's SkinTrue foundation in Natural Ivory.

3;; Ready, Set, Go!

Setting liquid and cream based products with a powder is essential. In this video, I used my MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural face powder in Medium. By putting this nude tone powder all over my eye, it helps to keep everything in place, and also makes blending shadows over top much easier, since we're putting powder on top of powder, and not powder on top of liquid or cream.

4;; Layer Up Those Shadows!

Layering your shadows creates more dimension in a look, but it also helps to work the product into the eye and keep it from slipping all over the place.

5;; Setting Sprays

Setting sprays can be used all over the face to help not only reduce the chances of fading and slipping, but to counteract any powdery, cakey appearances that we may have made by using a lot of powders. I use Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting Spray. After that dries, you're ready to mascara up and run out the door for that 8 hour shift!

So I hope this information helped out some of you, I had a few people asking me about this subject so I hope I've cleared a few things up for you! Best of luck!

Much love,
Dylan ♥♥