Friday, 18 November 2011

New Hair, New You! ♥♥

I love getting a new hairstyle. It's almost like you're shedding that time with your old hair, like you're moving ahead with life and taking a new step that's different and exciting. My brother's girlfriend, Bex, is an amazing stylist and colorist... With her help yesterday, she gave me the perfect chocolate-cherry (thank you, Diane, for the apt description!) that I've been looking for for years, as well as a cut that looks good now, and I can tell, will look good later.

Look ma, it's red! =D

It's that perfect chocolate cherry colour. I've asked this of so many hair stylists, and have never gotten this result. I feel like this tone really makes my eyes pop and works well with my skin tone. I've had reds in my hair before, and I've always loved them, but this takes the cake. I only wish it was a little more vibrant, but I feel that with a few washes it'll lighten up a level or two and give me exactly what I love.

It is two tone, I should say. The dark red is more concentrated on the front area, and there's a dark reddy brown in the back that sets off the dark red so nicely. Bex sure knows what's up (: And the salon was freaking gorgeous! It was like I was getting my hair done in some rich person's home.

I'm so happy for this change, I really needed it! I was getting all poofy again. SO glad!

Until next time, happy haircuts to you!
Dylan ♥♥