Sunday, 20 November 2011

Spread the Love Sundays! Blog of the Week;; Prettymaking! ♥♥

Hey all! In this blogging community, I think it's very important that we work with each other and share around some of the blogs that we truly enjoy reading. How else do we get to know about new people, right?

I've thus decided to create my first regular weekly blog post, Spread the Love Sundays, where I'll feature one beauty blogger a week that I love! This week, I'll be featuring...

Mandy from!
(Picture taken from her FOTD post, November 1st)

I love Mandy's brave use of colour and her unique editorial inspirations. I love that she feels confident wearing bolder makeup, because that's what she wants to wear. A lot of people would be daunted by a more dramatic look for every day, but she rocks it for sure (: Plus, she's absolutely gorgeous, and friendly to boot.

Her reviews and swatching are also very in depth. You can tell she takes a lot of care in accurately describing a product and providing all the information I personally would want to know about a product.

So be sure to check out Mandy's website,, and spread the love with all your blogger friends! Stay tuned for next week's Sunday edition (:

Much love!
Dylan ♥♥