Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Let's Play Dressup! It's Halloween Time! ♥♥

What will YOU be for Halloween?

Me, I've got two costumes planned, one made already, one I need to go shopping for.

The one costume I've made is going to be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I made my jacket, vest, cravat, and altered a pair of pants.  I wish I had taken pictures, but it is already on display at work (I work in a fabric store, we have the option of making displays once a month that we get to keep). The entire costume is half and half, split right down the middle, makeup, nails, hair and all! I plan on making a makeup and nail tutorial for this, it's gonna be pretty intense. 

My second costume is a collaboration with my dear friend, Becky. I'm going to be Duckie, and she's going to be Andie, from Pretty in Pink. If you don't know this movie, you need to look into the Rat Pack already, it's a classic. I'm so, so excited for this! The hard part will be finding the iconic Duckie shoes...

Awesome, right? I think I'm going to take a pair of white slip ons and just draw things on them to make them look Duckie-esque. I am on a budget you know! =P

So tell me, what are YOU going to be? Scary witch doctor? Sailor Moon? Murderous clown? The possibilities are endless! Let me know in the comments and leave a picture if you can, I'd love to see! Thanks for reading, be sure to follow and subscribe to my youtube channel for upcoming halloween tutorials!

Much love and Duckie sunglasses!!

Dylan ♥♥


I never posted a picture of my halloween costume on my blog! I totally blanked. Here's a redemption shot... I only ended up doing the Jekyll and Hyde costume,  and it was a little bit slapdash because I had to go to work, but here you go:

There you go! Sweet Redemption! Loveyoubye! ♥♥