Monday, 19 September 2011

Tattoos are Beauty Too! ♥♥

What do you guys think about body art? Tattoos, piercings, the lot. I think it's a wonderful medium in which to express oneself, but a lot of people think they're a waste of money, or that you'll never love one forever, so on, so forth.

I think that as long as a tattoo means something to you, it's definitely alright to get it done. Personally, I wouldn't want to get a big skull on my chest or and tribal designs on me, because they don't mean anything to me like mine do. If a tattoo means something to you that is important and relevant to your personality, then you'll never not like your piece of art.

Here's my back piece, I must say I'm in love with it in no less of a way than I did when I got it. I got the fairy first when I was younger, I think 17, and the rest done earlier this year.

I got this tattoo because filigrees are kind of my calling card, that and zebra print. I draw them everywhere, put them in so many designs, and find myself doodling curlies all the time, so why not get it tattooed on me? Plus, tiger lilies are my favourite flower. They're so strong and vibrant.

Now if you've watched closely in my videos, seen in my pictures or know me in real life, I also have six piercings on my ears, three each, and I plan on getting at least three more. I find piercings are even less to worry about than tattoos, because they can be taken out!

So what's your body art story? Do you have any? What do they mean to you? Would you ever have them taken off or covered? Tell us what you've got in the comments!

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Much love!

Dylan ♥♥