Sunday, 11 September 2011

Rivu of the Day;; Estee Lauder Double Wear ShadowCreme! ♥♥

I purchased this product a while back at my EL counter when they were having one of those spend-this-much-and-you-get-free-stuff promotions, and I must say I don't miss the money I spent on this product at all. I purchased the colour Pink Pearl, and champagne pink colour with a frosty finish. Unfortunately I don't think this colour is available anymore, but the product definitely still is! Check it out:


The packaging of this product is fabulous, quite plainly put. It's got a thick glass jar, which is great for keeping the product from drying out. The lid is plastic on the inside and some kind of metallic finish on the outside, but upon holding it you can tell that it's good and sturdy, and it screws on tightly. On top of looking chic, this packaging passes my expectations.


Applying this product is so quick and simple. You don't even have to set it with anything! Putting it on, it is very easy to keep it a sheer wash, or amp it up by doing a few thin layers for a more intense colour. You just have to make sure your edges are well blended, because there is not a lot of work time before it sets. Combining this product with shadows is also very nice- you can use it as a base under a shadow for more colour payoff, or just use it on the lid with a different crease colour. Used as a sheer wash, I suspect this colour might be very nice for a highlight as well.

Lasting Power

This product boasts "double wear", which I have no clue what they're getting at with that, but man, this stuff has some serious staying power to it. Once it dries, it will not budge, smudge or fudge up your other makeup, and the colour stays strong all day long!  I've worn this for an eight hour shift, so with that on top of my half hour walk to and from work, I'm pleased to say that this creme shadow didn't up and quit on me by lunch.

So overall, I freakin love this stuff! I've never been super big into creme... anything, really, I've always stuck with liquids and powders, but the stuff is really starting to grow on me... I think I might have to invest in a little "research"! ;D
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