Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Rivu of the Day;; Calling All Canadians! Annabelle SkinTrue Foundation ♥♥

I found out about this amazing foundation through MissCaseyB, a fellow Canadian on youtube. As soon as I saw the coverage it was giving her and her comments on it, I simply had to try it out. Since purchasing, I don't think I've used another foundation more than once or twice... this stuff really works, it's ridiculous.

So What's the Deal, Dylan?

Annabelle SkinTrue Foundation describes itself as a natural lightweight makeup that provides uniform coverage with a no-makeup feel. It has a matte finish which I love, is oil free which I love even more, fragrance free, and non-comedogenic, which I don't believe from any foundation. I purchased the shade Natural Ivory, which is a perfect match for me.

Judging a Book by its Cover

The packaging is a simple squeeze bottle, quite possibly my favourite type of packaging for foundations, because you can easily control the amount you want and it is very sanitary. The cap is also very sturdy, and clicks on firmly.


When I first purchased this foundation, I was just using my fingers to blend it around my face, which worked just fine and blended out nicely. Since then I've turned to using a duo fibre brush, and holy crap guys, it's amazing. I just dot it around my face in the areas I most want to cover, then blend it all out. The duo fibre blends it out lightly, so it keeps the coverage in the spots you've placed it, but also delivers tone and coverage to wherever you blend it out.  This foundation boasts uniform coverage, and it totally delivers. I can even use it layered over itself for more coverage, in place of a concealer.

Wear and Tear

Used in conjunction with a primer (I use Benefit That Gal) and set with MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural, this foundation provides coverage and smooth looking skin for a good 8-10 hours with minimal touch ups.

Any Cons?

The smell, for one. Since it's an unscented product (Which is a pro, I feel like scented products are just putting more unneeded stuff on my skin), so it does have a bit of a makeup-y smell to it, but you don't smell it once it's on. 

The one other thing I'm not a big fan of is the colour selection. They only have 5 shades, the darkest of which is more of a tan colour. Not that great for makeup artists, but I bought three shades for my kit because I really like this product and I have a lot of white models =P

So that's it for this review! Hope it helped some of you lovely Canadians out there decide whether or not you'd like this foundation. Thanks so much for reading, please follow, subscribe to my youtube, and like on facebook for more fun stuff! :D have a fabulous day!

Much love!
Dylan  ♥♥