Friday, 2 September 2011

Beauty Trends for Fall: Style Edition! ♥♥

Hiya there! This blog post is gonna be the last and final installment of beauty Trends for Fall, the style edition. Fall is my favourite dressing season, you have so many options to work with that you can really get creative! Now, I`m not saying you totally need to revamp your wardrobe to work these trends completely. Personally, I like to shop for some key pieces to add to my wardrobe so that I can be on trend, but still have my own style. Let`s get started, shall we?

Yes, Sir!

One of the first, and biggest trends for fall 2011 is the military trend. We've been seeing this in for quite a while now, and it's still around! It kind of speaks to the androgynous trend as well by giving strong shoulders and masculine aspects to an outfit. This sargeant pepper style jacket is from Balmain.

Going Tubing

Last fall and winter we saw a lot of infinity scarves, the long tubes that you can wrap around and around and get a million different looks from. This year, we're seeing the same, but smaller! The funnel scarf is a small tube that you can just throw over your head for a collar style look. This design, from Rodarte, is a loose knit, which is also very hot for fall.

Moss-t Have

Another thing we'll be seeing quite a bit of is mossy greens. This picture, designs by Philip Lim , feature two pieces in a kelly, almost khaki green. If you're feeling bold you could do a jacket or dress in this colour, or if you just want a splash of colour, you could try out a purse, belt or shoes in this colour.

Bloody Brilliant

One of the biggest colours going this year is crimson. This design, by Gucci, is done head to toe in fall's biggest colour. Of course this is not quite ready-to-wear, but the colour is spot on. This colour works so well on most skin tones, and is a great toned down alternative to bright, summery reds.


Ugh, leather. How I love you. Leather is a HUGE trend this fall, quite often seen combined with lace and metal hardware, giving almost a fetish look. I'm DYING to own this jacket from Danier leather!

Going Rogue

And last but not least, the tribal print trend is super fun, eye catching and a great way to spice up basics and create a statement look. This top is from Simons. Give it a go on bangles, big earrings, or if you're feeling adventurous, harem pants! Why not?

So that's it for my trends forecasting, I hope this little mini series has educated you a little bit on Fall 2011 style! I'm really excited to try and work some of these into my wardrobe. 

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Lots of love comin your way!

Dylan ♥♥